Deep See Word Search- Differentiated I-Spy Common Core Word Fun
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This 16 paged differentiated I-Spy word work unit is tiered to meet the various readiness levels of your students. It’s huge.
It addresses Common Core Standards
RF.K.2 and RF.1.2 Isolate and pronounce initial, medial volwel and final sounds in three phoneme (CVC) words.
RF.1.3 Know final -e and common vowel team conventions for representing long vowels sounds.

There are 2 sets of each type of word work pages to allow for extended learning and practice. Included are:

CVC Words 2 Sets
CVCC/CVCC Words 2 Sets
CVC Real vs. Nonsense Words 2 Sets
CVCC/CCVC Real vs. Nonsense Words 2 Sets
CVCe Words 2 Sets
CCvCe Words 2 sets

Students search for words with magnifying glasses and record what they find. When their page is filled, they read their list to a friend or teacher.


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