Write the Room for Rhyming Fun – January -Differentiated
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This activity is differentiated to appeal to your kinesthetic learners and is tiered to meet the readiness of your students. There are several recording sheets for your use. These should give you plenty of choices when fitting the right activity level for each of your students
Included in this set:
12 Rhyming cards
One rhyme and circle (or dot) response sheet.
One write the rhyming word from the word bank.
One write the rhyming word adding an onset to the rime response sheet.
12 Rhyming cards
One write a rhyming word response sheet
One write a rhyming word from a word bank response sheet
One write a rhyming word by adding a new onset to the rime response sheet

Teacher instructions: Print, laminate and cut the word work write the room pieces. Place them around your room for your students to discover. You may either print and laminate the recording sheets for reuse with a dry erase marker or use as a printable with a pencil for students to record their answers. Students will travel around your room searching for the rhyming cards and record their data. If you prefer not to place these around your room, you can always place the cards in a festive bucket or container for students to draw out and answer.


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