Sensory Table Polar Love

My kiddos are deep in love with polar animals these days.  You know how they love jumping nonsense word icebergs with their little penguin and polar bear, right?  Well I though I would show you what I have for them their sensory table.
I actually usually have two sensory tables going at anytime in my class, one for incorporating more academic stuff and one, like the one above, for learning centers which I think of as more exploratory in nature but still ‘academic.’  This month I have this ‘fun’ thematic one that is chucked  full of little polar animals.
I usually use water and styrofoamas little icebergs for them to play on and that’s great fun, but I found a bunch of ‘fake’ snow on sale after Christmas and so I threw that in there with some cardboard covered with tinfoil to double as ‘ice.’ 
This theme is always so fun with my kindersand I absolutely love to listen to the play that takes place at this learning center.  Everything you teach them about the polar regions gets absorbed and you see it being incorporated at this center.  It’s priceless. 
I have another week and a little bit before we start getting ready for a theme change over to the Olympics, but I’m already gearing up.  I’ll be showing a bit more about this in the coming days, but in addition to my Winter Sports Word Work Galore, I just finished Differentiated Winter Sports Math Stations Galore too.
It’s 140 pages of fun with 13 differentiated math activities (each activity has an accompanying student instruction page like the ones above to help encourage students to be more independent)  to keep your kindersengaged and learning at their own level of readiness. 
It really is a HUGE packet . . . 

so big I couldn’t get everything on one preview page.
If you’d like to learn more just click on the picture and check back.  I’ll be telling you more about it in the coming days.
Until, break out a sensory table or two and let your kinders have some fun.

Marsha Moffit McGuire

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