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Shoe Sheriffs-Wrangling and Roping Shoes All Over Class!

Shoes make me crazy!!! Literally! I hate untied shoes and kinders are notorious for having them. And I don’t want to tie them.  Can you even imagine where shoe laces have been?  Ewwww  My two oldest sons knew how to tie their shoes before they went to kindergarten. That doesn’t always mean they took the time to do it, but at least I knew that if an adult said, ‘tie your shoe’ they could.

That also doesn’t mean I’m advocate for velcro either. That sound can get to be like nails on a chalkboard. So, in any case, I needed to find a way to get those shoes tied in my class without me actually having to do it.So this is what I came up with

If you know anything about me and my teaching style, you know I love to celebrate successes. So this allows me to say ‘Yippee’ when a kinder masters the art of lassoing their tennis shoe laces.

Of course there is a certificate . . .

and then I have an ‘on-duty’ sheriff who has the honor (and responsibility) to tie shoes for that day (or week) depending of the number of deputies you have around waiting for their turn.

If you’d like to swear in some ‘Shoe Sheriffs’ in your classroom, you can download everything you need right here. I did the letters in two colors because I just couldn’t decide between the red/blue and gold/blue.  Then I poked some holes in the picture of the tennis shoes and laced some shoelaces through them.  Ta-dah.  Now get out their and wrangle up some shoelaces little doggies.

I’ll be back this later this weekend with some pictures of my week and plans for you to look over. Until then, check out this cute little Halloween-ish activity I came up.

Click on the pics to find out more.

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