Sound Box Giveway from Learning Resources

Ladies and Gentlemen  . . . please start your segmenting!  That’s right I said segmenting.  Need a little something to get your kiddos’ engines revving for segmenting practice?  Well Learning Resources has these fun paddles, Sound Box Answer Boards, that are just the key to keeping them engaged.  

This is a fun spin on Elkinin boxes that your kinder (My girls loved it JUST as much as the boys . . . trust me!) are going to flip over.  Who knew segmenting could be so much fun?
Each paddle has a side with 4 parking spaces and 3 parking spaces on the back.  They are magnetic AND write on wipe off as well.  
The box comes with four paddles and 20 magnetic cars (I like that there are a few extra just in case). 
I’ve used them with my Word Family Galore picture cards and with my I Can Do It Myself Segmenting cards.  I show the students a card or they select one, say the word 
and park a car for every sound in the word.  
I like that students can use them laying down when they’re working on their own.
But I love that I can say, “paddles up,” and they pull their paddles up so that their friends can not see their answer.  The magnetic cars stay on the paddle, they park their cars and any left over vehicles can be ‘parked’ at the bottom.
Want to find out more about these fun and engaging paddles?  Click on the picture below to get all the details.
Or better yet, why not win a set for your own classroom?  That’s right, the good people at Learning Resources are letting me give one away to one of my lucky readers.  All you have to do is enter below.  It’s so easy! But hurry, you only have a few days to enter.

I can’t wait to see who’s going to win!!!


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