Stitch Fix #10 Is All That And More Plus . . . A Giveaway, too!

I love all things fall and Stitch Fix has not disappointed me with any of their fall selections for my #9 nor #10 fix.  This fix was all that and more.

Besides being a great service for people like me who don’t like to shop, Stitch Fix is just plain fun.  It is seriously like Christmas every time I see that package waiting for me.  The anticipation of finding out what might be inside is excruciating.  I’d love to rip it open, but I always wait until I have the time to really enjoy finding out what my stylist picked out for me.

So without making you wait any longer, let me show you what treasures my stylist chose for me this time.
First up was this Shea Thermal Cowl Neck Top.  I grabbed this item up first, because the color called to me.  I love the olive color and it suits my coloring.  I couldn’t wait to see how it fit.  My stylist had suggested wearing it with jeans. . .

 . . . or a pair of leggings.  I prefer the look with leggings (don’t mind the wrinkles from being in a box).  It was long enough that it covered all the ‘essential’ areas,  and the piece is also so comfortable.  I could totally see myself wearing this in kindergarten.   I knew this one was definitely a keeper.


The next piece my stylist picked was this Zoey Mixed Material Watercolor Print Top.  It didn’t really do it for me when I saw it in the box, but, as with all my fixes, I like to give the clothing the benefit of the doubt and try them on.  You just never know, right?  Well this piece surprised me.  It’s actually very comfortable and a fun piece with lots of detail.  I feel like I could pair this with dress pants or a pair of jeans and it’s something a little ‘different’ from what I would normally pick for myself.

This Crissie Knit Textured Sleeved Moto Jacket was next.  I don’t know what a ‘Moto Jacket’ is exactly because, as you know, I’m not into all that fashion jargon, but whatever it is, I love it.  I had asked my stylist to send me a jacket.  I was thinking a little something more traditional, but this piece is so fun, I love how it feels, the colors once again are perfect for me and it looks great with a casual pair of jeans.

I also found this Garren Geo Knit Raglan Top in my box.  If I can’t have fall colors, then please give me black. Thank you very much.  This top is going to be so versatile for me.  I can wear it with a skirt or pair of slacks to work, or pair it with jeans and boots.  And it is SOOOOOOO soft.

Finally, I had asked my stylist to consider sending a pair of jeans that had a different cut other than the two pair of ‘skinny’ jeans that I wear non-stop from them.  When I pulled out these Kate Boyfriend Jeans, I wasn’t quite sure if they were what I had in mind.  They were long!  But wait, my stylist said, they are meant to be cuffed!  Seriously?  Cuffed!!??? I hadn’t worn cuffed jeans since I was little when I would get the very much coveted hand me downs form my older and just a bit taller cousin.  I wasn’t sold on it, but, again, I took my stylist’s advice and tried them with a pair of slings . . .

What do you think?  They’re cute.  A little loose fitting compared to the skinny jeans I’ve been living in, but in the end, I decided I had to have them.
So there you have it!  Another great fix, and I’m keeping it ALL.
Don’t know about Stitch Fix?  Well, let me give you a quick run down of how it works.  It’s really quite easy.   For $20, a stylist will take your size, preferences and style profile into account as they pick out five pieces of clothing for you to try.  If you decide that you love any of the pieces they send you, your original $20 goes towards your purchase (win-win!!) and anything you don’t want, goes into a pre-paid envelope and is returned to Stitch Fix.  If you decided you love everything they send you, then not only do you get to add your original $20 onto your purchase, but they give you a 25% discount off your order as well.
You decide how often you receive your fixes and you also decide the price range.  It’s so fun, so easy and a great way to get unique pieces that no one else will be sporting.
I love it so much, I’m having a giveaway so that one of you can get started on your own fix.  All you have to do is enter below for your chance to win.  In the meantime, you should check out Stitch Fix.   Just click HERE.   You can create your own style profile and link up a style board if you have one on Pinterest.  That’s a great way for your stylist to ‘see’ what you really like.

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And because I just know you want to increase your chances of winning, you should head over to blogging pals, Maria from KinderCraze and Mary from Sharing Kindergarten.   They just got their latest fix and are doing giveaways too.
I know you’re just gonna love checking out what they found in their own Stitch Fix box.

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