The sweet sound of success.

I know! It’s been a week right? Life is happening all around me, and it’s been a crazy week of trying to keep up. And all those little moments we use as teachers to try to get ‘something’ done, moments like ‘rest time’ for instance, well those moments are gone since my kinders have decided that rest time is ‘Top Bananas’ ‘Ball Words’ ‘100s Club’ time.  They’re yapping at me before they even hit the door after lunchtime recess . . .’Mrs. McGuire, I know my Baseball Words.’ ‘Mrs. McGuire I can count to 100’ ‘Mrs. McGuire can I am ready to be a Top Banana.’  Darn kids. It’s a HORRIBLY WONDERFUL problem to have.

I’m not sure what it sound like on the other side of my walls, but inside my classroom, it is a buzz with students who have passed Soccer Ball Words working with those who are trying to pass Baseball Words. And when someone passes a level . . . all you know what breaks out.  They cheer, they dance, they hug and high five each other.  They are their own best cheerleaders.  (Deep sigh of happiness.)  It never fails to amaze me how happy they are for each other.  This is why I teach 5 and 6 year olds.

All but one of my kiddos are now Top Banana (and that lone one is soooooo close to making it. I can just about taste those banana splits that I’ve promised them.  Remember this is JUST recognition of letters not sounds . . . we’re along way from that mountain top but slowly and surely making our way towards it.). And with all the ball word activity going on, it means that my poor Ball Word posters ( the ones I thought I would have plenty of time to replace because there was no way they would be passing them this early) are starting to line my wall and names are appearing on them.  I have a couple of friends that are on Volleyball already and reading like a maniacs. Looks like I’ll be pulling out my Sight Word Phase Speedster activities sooner than I anticipated.

Ok, so that’s it for today.  I’ll be back tomorrow.  PROMISE!

Marsha Moffit McGuire

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