Who Wants To Win A Classroom Rug?


It’s really true! I mean, what teacher doesn’t long for a brand new classroom rug. And folks,  I’ve been given the SUPREME opportunity to spread my love for KidCarpets and their classroom rugs to all my readers.  I’m so happy I can hardly contain myself.
If you are one of the fortunate teachers that have a classroom rug, circle area rug or even a little rug in the library area of your classroom, count your blessings.  For my own classroom, I had your run of the mill, school standard, typical brown (and very stained) wall to wall variety.  It definitely left much to be desired in bringing any sense of coziness or warmth to the room.  Here’s the evidence . . .
I always wanted to be able to tell my kinders to ‘meet me at the rug.’  Let’s face it, in kindergarten, we are seldom in our chairs and ALWAYS on the floor.  We work there, read there, listen to stories there, play games, write, build, dance . . . You name it, we do it on the floor.  Every kindergarten classroom deserves to have a classroom rug as its anchor!  But alas, there was no rug for my kinders.  Until Jim Banks, the owner of KidCarpet, offered me the chance to not only choose one of his classroom rugs for my very own. 
I know you all get how exciting this was for me right?  There’s not much that can bring more joy to a kindergarten teacher than a new meeting rug.  But even better than getting one for myself is being able to now give my friends a chance to win one, too. 


Choosing a classroom rug for my classroom back then was anything but easy.   I know, I know . . . I go from no rug to getting to choose a brand new beautiful one.  Choosing a  new classroom rug was harder than you would think, because KidCarpet has soooooooo many cute styles and colors from which you can choose.  I agonized over it, I gathered everyone’s opinions, and in the end, it came down to three.
Letter Seating Rug
Forest Rug With ABC Animals
ABC Dots School Rug


Finally, I decided on the Forest Friends.  It has this sweet forest scene in the center with numbers scattered about and it was bordered by different forest items that represented each letter of the alphabet.  It wasn’t your typical kindergarten rug, there were no typical ABC or thematic pictures, and I could see myself using it in many different ways. And trust me,  over the last four years I have used it a ton!

So remember that before picture with the nasty brown carpet?
Well, check out this after picture!  This was after my new classroom rug arrived.
Four years, hundreds of feet and a classroom move later, you will not believe how good my classroom rug still looks . . .
I can not believe how much I love this carpet and the difference it has made in my room.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but my dad was a carpet installer for 45 years. (I love the smell of new carpet!) And if there is one thing I know, it’s carpet and this classroom rug is top notch.  
It has some amazing detail.
And one of my favorite things about it is that this quality rug is made right here in the USA and the binding and backing are top notch!!  
The designs are clear and the colors are fabulous.  And best of all . . . it’s kinder-toe-tested soft!
I am absolutely thrilled with my classroom rug.  It is such a wonderful place for my students to read and relax . . .
and the 7’6″ x 12′  easily hold 25 plus kindergarten bodies during our meeting time.  It’s a great designated center area and my kiddos love ‘writing the rug.’  
A classroom rug similar to this one from a school supply company would run you nearly $400 plus shipping, but at Kidcarpet you can secure one for $279.99 plus FREE shipping in the continental USA.  That’s because you are buying directly from the factory.  
You just can’t find this kind of service, quality, and savings from anywhere else.  It really is fabulous. And now the best part . . . I get to give one of these lovely rugs away to one of you.  


All you have to do is enter below for your chance to have a quality 7’6″ x 12″ rug of your own.  The winner will get to choose their own  7’6″x12″ Kidcarpet rug (That’s a $279.99 value by the way!) and the company will wrap it up and ship it right to your school (and they even pay the shipping)!   This giveaway is only open to educators in the continental USA, however.  Shipping costs would get a little crazy overseas.   Also, I will be monitoring entries so please make sure you follow the rules and requirements.  
Ok, so don’t waste any time.  Enter right away.  And please, tell your friends and colleagues about this giveaway and KidCarpet’s fabulous selection of classroom rugs.   You really need to go check them out.
I can’t wait to see what the winner picks!!!


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