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I don't know about you, but this back to school season has wiped me OUT!  But I'm still standing!  And so are you! So to celebrate the successful survival of the Back To School season, some of my best blogging girlfriends and I though, by golly, our readers deserve a 'little pick me up!'  Can I get a witness.  Of course, I can.  You know you need it and we know it too, so to help you out, we are … [Read More...]

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daily 5 setup cover collage

Setting Up For A Successful Year Of Daily 5 In Kindergarten

The beginning of the kindergarten year is such a blur.  About half-way through it, you try to look back and figure out … [Read More...]


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Check out the ColorizeYourClassroom Videos and Enter Your Own Class

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Playing Catch Up With My Daily 5 Plans

It's late start Monday (when we all get to meet with our grade levels for Professional Learning Communities work) today, so my Daily 6 (my version of Daily 5) … [Read More...]


All that’s left is the First Day Of School Fairy’s Arrival.

  They're coming, they're coming…the kindersare coming!  It’s time.  Ready or not, tomorrow is the day  . . . The first day of the new school year. I’m … [Read More...]

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Beads Glorious Beads!!!

I have had so many questions about beads lately that I figured it was probably time to do a little Bead-ology 101 follow-up from last summers … [Read More...]


Daily 5-2nd Edition Chapter 7: Houston We Have Lift Off . . .and a FREEBIE

You’ve started Read To Self.  You’re setting your foundation lessons and your kiddos are building stamina.  So now what?       We may build our … [Read More...]

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A Giveaway You’re Gonna LOVE!!!

I am blessed to have the Learning Resources send me a box of something every once in a while to … [Read More...]


Planning Differentiated Math Stations For Thanksgiving

Crazy busy week.  Halloween is always like that isn't 'it. As soon as it's over, I'm scrambling … [Read More...]

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