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And then there was that one day when Frosty came to school . . .

What do you remember about your early childhood school years?  I mean, really?  What are the memories from Kindergarten and 1stgrade that really stick with you?  Perhaps for some of you it isn’t as far off as it is for me, but the things I remember aren’t the worksheets and the amazing math lessons.  I remember really important stuff like the fact my 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Hillman, let me where a kimono when we were learning about Japan, I remember my dad bringing in our nesting hen and baby chicks, baton lessons in the gym and the fact that Craig G was gone from the first week of school because he had chicken pox.  You know, all that important stuff.

Well, this week I think I witnessed a memory that my students will carry with them far beyond kindergarten.  One of those important ones you know.
The day that Frosty came to class.


I think, as a teacher and a mom,  I try really hard to make memories for my students.  When they think of kindergarten, I want there to be some of those warm memories.  But with Common Core and the demands that are now placed on these little ones, it’s not always easy.  We are constantly working to fit in more and more instruction. Well, this week,  I think I witnessed a memory that my students might just  carry with them far beyond kindergarten.  One of those important ones, you know.  The day that Frosty came to class . . .
Who knew Frosty made school visits?  I didn’t!
But I had the distinct pleasure of having it happen.  Arriving is a flurry of song, smiles and sweet hugs for every boy and girl . . .
  frosty 7
 this Frosty brought books and goodies for everyone.
It’s a pretty difficult job to keep 25 kinder friends sitting and engaged, but Frosty came armed with a plethora of snowman books and

goodies!  (Who doesn’t love goodies?)

I know as teachers, we often find it difficult to find time for guests to visit our classroom, but this week I had a great reminder that kindergarten isn’t just about the lessons and learning.  It is OK to take time out to make some unplanned memories.
I so appreciate moms and dads and, in this case, really awesome Grandmas that love their kids enough to want to dress up in crazy outfits and be silly just because  they know that a 5 year old might never forget  . . .
 . . .that one day in kindergarten when Frosty came to school . . .
So what memories did you make in kindergarten this week?  I would love to hear from you.
A Special Thanks To Grandma Main.  You were AMAZING.

Marsha Moffit McGuire

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