Back To School Sales and Getting Your Hands On Hands On Activities.

It’s crunch time people.  Many of you are probably already back to schooland the rest of us are feeling the heat of the pending countdown until the first day.  It’s time to get serious!!! My mind has been turning to ‘hands-on’ activities these last couple of weeks.  I know that when my kinder friends arrive, they are going to be needing to move those hands (and bodies) and so I’ve created (and revamped) a couple of new (and old) products just for that. 

If you’re doing the same and  looking to get a head start on the new school year, TpT and TpT sellers are giving you a great incentive to get yourself ready  . . . a HUGE SALE!  Everything in my store is on sale . . .yes even THAT!  Whatever that is that you’ve had your eye on . . . yes, THAT is on sale.  EVERYTHING. August 4th and 5th.  That’s Monday and Tuesday of this week!


Yep, this is the big one.  You know the routine.  You get 20% off everything from me and then by using TpT’s Back To School Code – BTS14 you get an additional 10% off.  It makes for a total of 28% off all your purchases from my store.  It’s true.  And hey, don’t forget about leaving feedback so you can use your TpT credits to purchase even MORE products!  
And check this out, I just finished a couple of bundles that are going to get you even MORE savings along with some new BACK TO SCHOOL packets that will get your year off to a great new start.  Check them out below.  Just CLICK ON THE PICTURES to get all the previews and details about them.
Back to School I-Spy Math Fun Differentiated Printables– Anything with a magnifying glass is going to engage my little learners. How about you?  And . . . no color ink necessary!  BONUS!


Back to School Math and Alpha Spinner Fun – More hands on fun with spinners that cover Math AND Alphabet Activities. Oh yea . . . and you choose . . . color or B/W!  You don’t need a color printer unless you want color.


Brand New Fall Math Stations August-November Bundle – After so many requests, I finally bundled the first set of math stations for the year.  Check out the savings.  These stations follow the same format for ease of building independence.  Each subsequent set builds on the skills and experiences of the prior set.  And because I was so disappointed with my Autumn math set compared to the other math sets included in this packet, I went ahead and completely revamped it from 20 pages to over 80.  It’s SO much better.

It went from one thing to something completely different.


Digraph Word Work Galore This is going to be huge for me to have in a finished form this year.  I think teaching digraphs earlier rather than later is CRUCIAL, so these stations are going to be a HUGE in my class. 


Ball Words Sight Word Mastery System –Now Editable so EVERYONE is happy.  It took forever to do, but I’m so glad I finally have these editable so everyone can utilize them.  

Word Families Word Work Galore – This is the best deal for 22 weeks of word work that you’ll find.  It’s less than $2.00 a week for LOADS of word family activities.  


CVCe Word Families Word Work Galore – I was so surprised how early in the year some of my students were ready for these last year.  I’m hoping I have the same problem this year.  It’s a good problem to have.


And so that’s just a little bit of what you can find on sale in my store, but, of course, EVERYTHING is on sale.  Just head on over to do some looking around.  I will be in the clipart section, I see you over there.  


Marsha Moffit McGuire

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