Cold Weather Differentiated And Aligned Math Stations.

It’s that time again!  Time to start planning math stations for January.  I could decide what skills to put in my ‘math galore’ pack this month, and I really wanted to give everyone enough variety to give you choices and to be sure to meet the skill levels of ALL you students so this one has nine different activities.  Yep Nine!  It’s a doozy.  Of course, they are differentiated and aligned and I kind of laid them all out by standard and show you how I differentiate them here.  Pick and choose what you like based on your students readiness levels and needs.  I do have a write the room and I-Spy that should be done in a couple of days as well. 
If you would like to take a closer look or get a copy of this plan layout, just click on the picture to get a copy off from google docs.
Even though I haven’t been in school since the 19th (yah for two snow days . . . )it’s not like I haven’t been hanging out with 5 and 6 year olds.  Luckily my two youngest sons have been more than willing to test out these new stations for me and it was a great way to keep them occupied.
So here’s the skinny… ALL of these centers come from the Cold Weather Math Stations Galore Pack.  Click on any picture to check it out.
Station 1: Snowman Number Order Fun: Using the same Snowman Number cards from Missing Mitten activity, students randomly select numbers and place them order.  There is a colored recording sheet or a black and white version.
Station 2: Cold Weather Addition and Subtraction.  This self-correcting activity includes two tiers for addition to 5 and 10.  And one tier for subtraction to 5
Station 3:  Cold Weather Addition Spin and Color.  This activity is an addition activity with two tiers.  Tier one is to five and tier two is to 10. There are two separate spin and color sheets for each tier.
Station 4:  Roll Say Keep Snowman Fun-Use beginning tens and ones cards along with numeral cards and special playing cards to make this game more interesting
Station 5: Snowflake Spin and Win:   Numeral cards, ten frame cards and tally mark cards are available to help differentiate this number comparison game.
Station 6:  Counting on Cold Weather-Use Roll Say Keep Snowman number cards to count one, identify numbers that come before and after.  Black and white and colored recording sheets available.
Station 7:  Polar Order:  Three different self-correcting activities for practicing ordinal numbers.
I love self correcting activities and this is one that allows them to be very independent.
Station 8: Polar Bump Fun. There are three different tiered mats for this activity.  Players use tally mark and ten frame cards for this game depending on readiness.

Station 6:  Missing Mittens:  Number recognition.  Can be tiered for numbers up to 30.

So that’s everything that’s included here in one unit. 
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Let me know what you think!

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