100s Day Exhaustion and Streamers Are My Friend.

I’m 100 Days Exhausted! Yep.  I said it!  It took long enough to get here with all the snow days we’ve had in Northern Michigan, but we made it. 100 days!!!  And if it wasn’t enough for me to plan a 100s party.  I also had a Minute to Win It 9th Birthday party for my son this weekend too. (I’ll save pictures of that for later.  You’re gonna love it.  It was GREAT fun but again . . . EXHAUSTED!!)

So anyway, I know all the rest of you have already had the pleasure of doing your own 100s Day Celebration.  I know I’m last to the party, but I thought I leave you some pictures of our festivities.

Any celebration deserves streamers!!! Streamers, I have discovered, can make any lame-o party in to a regular ROCKING party. Kinders LOVE LOVE LOVE streamers. Streamers, therefore, are my friend.  My banner is a freebie I acquired from Vista Print during one of their banners for free deals.  It’s lasted for years. 

Getting ready to string 100 fruitloops by cutting out our necklace spacers.  These are perfect for getting your kinders to count out their pieces by tens.  And they make your necklaces look so festive.  I got them from my pal Jeannie over at Kindergarten Lifestyles.  Click on the picture if you want to find out more about her 100s Day Celebration packet.

Krissy from over at Mrs. Miner’s Monkey Business had this great freebie and idea for 100s Day capes. I sent them home for my students’ families to complete and they LOVED it.

Just look at these great little collections of 100.

Yes! There were 100 balloons on that cape but they didn’t last very long.  I had to take a quick picture before they all got popped during our first activity of the day.

And there they are!  It doesn’t really look like 100 but my lungs can guarantee you that there are 100.  

My kinders were biting at the bit to get in there and start popping them but they waited long enough for me to get a quick picture.

Who knew that popping balloons could be so much fun and LOUD.  Notice some of them are plugging their ears.  

I think this is how he lost most of the 100 balloons on his cape, but I could be wrong.

We had some fun centers.  This one is from Jeannie at Kindergarten Lifestyles again.  

Of course, you HAVE to build with 100 legos.  (This was the quietest center of the day.)

Donna at Kinderglynn has these fun I-spy 100 object pages that my kids loved.  You can find out more about them by clicking on the picture above.

Jodi from Fun In First had these great 100 Day Sentence prompts that were just write  right for my kinders.  

And finally, of course, we HAD to hide 100 kisses.  This always the favor part of the day.  

It was reassuring to hear all of them identify their numbers easily before placing them on our 100s board. 

It didn’t take them long until . . .


It was a great day.  And now on to the next big thing!  St. Patrick’s Day . . . Easter . . . yep.  

All that is right around the corner and so with the few moments that I’ve had to spare this weekend, I was finally able to finish up Some Bunny Loves Easter Math Stations Galore.

  Here’s a peak.  It’s HUGE.  10 centers and 139 pages.  The preview wouldn’t even fit on one preview page.  Whew!  I’ll be back to show all that’s in it later this week. 

Marsha Moffit McGuire

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