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Rainy Day Tissue Paper Butterflies


Sometimes, you just need something a little bright and cheerful when the rainy days are gray and dreary.  With only one, little, pathetic window in my classroom, I decided we needed to brighten things up a bit for days when the sun wasn’t so sunny.  So we whipped up some tissue paper, stained glassed butterflies that fit the ticket perfectly.


Now my good friend Maria, over at KinderCraze, is always making up these sweet little stained glass activities and they look so fabulous that I decided to give it a try with my own kinders.  I found a simple little butterfly template on the internet, traced it onto a black piece of construction paper and cut out the outline so that it was about a 1/2 inch border.


Once that’s done, you just need two pieces of clear contact paper.  One piece goes under the template.  Then all your students have to do is lay whichever pieces of cut tissue paper they like on top of the sticky side.  When the template is covered, the second piece of contact paper goes over the top and your students just need to cut around the border.


It’s not exactly Art, but it is fun and gives them lots of practice with following directions.


I will say this, it was silent in my room while they were choosing and placing their tissue sheets ‘just so.’  The end product makes a stunning classroom window.


You can be sure to brighten your room even on the cloudiest of days.  If you’d like to see Maria’s stained glass creations, click HERE to get a peek.  I also have a fish version of these too.  You can  check them out if you click HERE or the picture below.


Thanks for peeking in our window!


Marsha Moffit McGuire

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