Check out the ColorizeYourClassroom Videos and Enter Your Own Class

You’ve put all that work into your room and your instruction.  Shouldn’t you get a little something for the effort?  Don’t forget that the ColorizeYourClassroom campaign is still underway, and you just have to enter.  You guys!  I’ve seen all your gorgeous classroom revels and all the amazing things you’re doing.  I’m telling you,  you could be a winner!

How To Enter

Entering is super easy.  If you can take a picture and upload it, you can enter.  But just incase you want a little more detail, check out our challenge videos.

Challenge One-Organization with Reagan


YouTube video

Challenge Two-Decor on a Budget with Maria


YouTube video

Challenge Number 3-Instruction with Marsha (That’s Me!)


YouTube video

Challenge Number 4-Memory with Reagan


YouTube video

Now It’s Your Turn

You’ve taken the pictures.  You’ve been sharing them all over the internet.  You know you want to show them off . . . and that’s exactly what we want you to do too.   So for goodness sakes, enter them to win.  Go to ColorizeYourClassroom, upload those pictures and show off how you use color in your own classroom.  You could be a winner!



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