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Summer Review

I’m sure it comes as no surprise to any of you, but I’m not always sure that parents realize how much our students ‘lose’ over the summer months they are home, soaking up the sun and doing all the fun things that kids SHOULD be doing over the summer.    But with a little bit of practice and review, that percentage can be altered drastically.  That’s why I always offer parents and students a fun, engaging Summer Review Packet.

For my kindergarten friends . . . First Grade Here I Come Summer Review for Kindergarten NEWLY UPDATED WITH EDITABLE SIGHT WORD ACTIVITIES!
And for my first-grade friends . . . Second Grade Here I Come Summer Review for First Graders

What We Know About Summer Slide

According to the National Summer Learning Association, most kids lose about 2 months of grade-level equivalency in math alone during the summer months.   YIKES!!! Now I’m not advocating for them to be studying all day when they need to be outside and being little, but I also don’t think that 15-20 minutes of something academic every day is going to hurt them a bit.  In fact, I hope it will ward off that summer slide and allow them to SLIDE right into first grade without having lost of bit of what they gained throughout their kindergarten tenure. 
So with that in mind, how do we balance summer fun with some academic review? That’s the question I tried to address when I created these summer packets.  Do these review pages give students the opportunity to practice essential skills?  You bet! But they also are engaging and fun so students will actually enjoy them.

Putting It All Together

These summer review packets come with a TON of pages.  I did this intentionally so that you can either pick and choose which activities you want to offer students or you can just print them all off.  For my own class, I print off all the pages.  That being said, I didn’t want to staple these pages because there are just too many pages and I didn’t want to bind them, because they are interactive and need to be loose so that they can be selected to be used in any order.  So instead I doctored up these binder clips by using a little washi tape to keep them all together.   I then let my students choose the clip and the cover they want.

This is just a small sample of the many many rolls of tape I have.  I just make up a bunch of the clips to give them a little variety from which to choose.  

Inside The Summer Review Packet

My goal for this pack was to make it simple for teachers and parents.  That’s why these are strictly black-and-white printable pages.  Just print and go.  But even though they are just printables, I added elements to make them INTERACTIVE and ENGAGING for students.  There’s tons of cutting (my kiddos still need a bunch of fine motor practice every day), gluing, spinning, coloring, finding, matching, and sorting going on on these pages.

And when I mean a ton, I mean A TON.  There are over 100 pages in these packets. 

The Skills

For math, there are over 30 activities alone. 

They range in skill and level of difficulty so that you are guaranteed to find something for every child.  You can include them all or select only the pages you want to send home with them.

Need something for ELA?  Yep!  Those are included too. 
Over  35 different ELA activities.
Including summer journal prompts . . . 
two different summer reading log options . . .
and several sight word activity pages that can be duplicated and used throughout the summer as sight word work changes.
Parents in my own class ask me for a ‘list’ of sight words each summer.  So for this pack, I included a set of sight word flash cards.
You can choose the 220 words included in Dolch lists 1-11 or the Pre-Primer and Primer set to include in your packet.  But I know the flashcards won’t be any good to any parent if they don’t have any idea how to use them.  So I included two pages of activities, suggestions, and games that can be played using these.    
It’s all here . . .
Math, ELA, Parent Letter, Boy or Girl Cover, Reading Log, Journal Pages, Blank Sight Word Work Pages, Sight Word Flash Cards, Parent Suggested Activity Pages!  
Everything that your kinders (and now first-grade students, too) need to be ready for school in the fall.

To see all the details of what is included in each of these packets, just click on the pictures below to learn more. 

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