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I Spy A Target Find You’re Gonna Love and a Freebie To Get You Started

A reader of mine mentioned that there were some oh so cute magnifying glasses at Target and I just HAD to go check it out.
I’m always interested in finding anything that will engage my kinders. So I was delighted to find these. Look at these cutie patootie looking glasses.
And you know what they go perfect with ? An I Spy of course!!
I have an “I Spy with my Frog’s Eye” Word Work packet (you can check out this FREEBIE from last spring that goes with it HERE) that would be perfect for the little frog glass.  You can take a look at this item by clicking on the picture.
And there was also a sweet little bee one which is perfect for my “Bee On the Look Out for Sight Words”. 
Of course that means I need to be getting something together quick for the ladybug and flower.  Hmmm any good suggestions for an I-spy?  Leave me a comment if you have any great ideas or suggestions.

Marsha Moffit McGuire

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