Juggling . . .

Much of what we do as teachers (and moms) is juggle.  Sometimes we do it well, and other times, we drop the ball.  But practice makes perfect or close to it anyway.
We juggle work with family and family with friends and kids to events and husbands . . . Yep, there are some times and, in my case even, husbands that need to be juggled as well.  The last days of the school year for me was just that . . . juggling.
My school year ended two days early as I had to travel to take my oldest son to the airport to catch a plane for Connecticut to camp!  I know, I know . . . What was I thinking letting a 10 year old travel across country from Michigan to a camp.  (He actually went last year when he was nine, too! YIKES! And, he has been over-nighting it at camps since he was 6!  He’s a natural ‘camp kid.’) This camp is amazing, and I promise I’ll write more about it later, but if you know anything about Paul Newman’s ‘The Hole In The Wall Gang Camp,’ you’ll know that it was an incredible experience, and has changed his life in many ways.  I just can’t say enough good about it.
So we said good bye to Mac and the two little boys and I started our first week of break without him. 
I juggled the library reading program kick-off . . .camels and all. . . With tennis and baseball and golf amidst torrential rain storms that cancelled more than half of our planned activities and  that left the little boys bored and wanting to get outside. Even the dog was bored!
We opted for some fun meals  . . . (I was so lucky I had something in my refrigerator after all my juggling, because I hadn’t been the store in forever!)  . . .
and the driving range.
While I went and tried to take my classroom from this . . . (aww . . .  that content feeling of looking at the wall and knowing how far you’ve come . . .)
to this . . . (ugghh . . . that feeling of knowing you have to start – all – over – again! And . . . will I be able to do it?)
But wait . . . I went in one day and during my cleaning frenzy I found this.
Could it really be?
And when I went back to finish up my last little details later in the week, I found this!  (Feeling blessed and fortunate! No more will I complain about my only technology being a clipboard. But hey,  someone had better send me some tips, because I’m a complete newbie!)
And yes . . . we turned around and travelled the four hours  back down to lower Michigan to retrieve boy one, no worse for wear and much to the delight of his brothers. 
And just in time to have some local fun at our library for week number two of summer reading fun.  
Yes they are wearing sweatshirts.  It was in the high 50s that morning. YIKES!  
Whew!  I think NOW, maybe, I finally feel like I’m ready to get into a summer routine. I have a list of projects for home (Cleaning would probably be good idea and maybe some laundry right after.)  and some freebies in store for all of you.  Plus, some fun ‘stuff’ coming for the week I go to Vegas!  You all realize that you need to let me know if you’re coming to ITK or the TpT conference because I’m dying to meet as many of you as I possibly can.  It’s going to be AMAZING.
So stay tuned and stop back often. I hope to share as much of my planning for the school year as possible, mixed in with a little dose of what’s going on in our neck of the woods as well.  It’s gonna be a great summer!  
 . . . now where did I put my juggling balls?

Marsha Moffit McGuire

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