One roll of painters tape can save your sanity . . . here’s how!


Picture this scene, it is the third day of rain in the first week of summer vacation for two little boys who had said good-bye to their older brother as he embarked for camp and now they must learn to be with just each other.  Tennis has been cancelled  –again.  Baseball has been cancelled—again. And now golf has been cancelled.  The house is full of toys and books and fun activities, but they only seem to be able to find time to pick at each other.  And then they spy . . .
And so it begins . . .
There is an idea . . .
And a plan . . .
And it starts to take shape.
“This is awesome.”
“You start there, and then my cars will come around this corner and meet up with you, OK?”
“I’ll make sure there’s a parking spot for the cars not racing so they can watch . . .”
“We are all winners, right? ‘Cuz we’re on the same team.”
“Maya, will protect our cars, ok?”
And so it went . . . On and on and on and yes, there is still painters tape on my floor because “we’re still playing it mom” 5 days later.  Do I care?  Not particularly.  I remember when I had my first boy and he was a tiny tot, I read somewhere or someone told me that if they are engaged in play . . . if it is sustaining them . . . if they return to it and if the mess and inconvenienceof it costs you less than $10.00, then let it go.  It’s the cheapest babysitter you’ll find. 

And that’s how a roll of painters tape save my sanity and became the best rainy day babysitter ever.  

I need to keep about 5 rolls on hand for inside recess next fall.  Now THAT would be awesome!


Marsha Moffit McGuire

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