Scary Good Morning Work Activities and a Freebie

After spending the summer traveling to conferences across the country and presenting of Morning Work Activities, I collected all the questions and suggestions and wish lists I gleaned from other teachers and put together a ‘Getting Started With Back To School Morning Work Stations’ packet that has everything you could possibly need to get your own Morning Work activities up and running in your own classroom.  And as October pokes its head into view, I have another set of Scary Good Morning Work Activities, that I think you might like to see for yourself.

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These are 30 plus activities that are meant to build upon the stations that were introduced and used in September.  That background experience, along with the ‘in action’ I CAN cards for each activity really helps make these stations independent.

There are so many activities here, but I’m going to try and give you a quick glimpse of each to show you what is included.  I personally only use around 12 activities each month, but one request I heard over and over was that teachers and students wanted MORE.  So I was happy to oblige.

So without further delay, here is a quick photo preview of October’s activities . . .  make sure you scroll down to see all this scary goodness.  You will find your freebie towards the end of this post.  Remember for deals and all the how to’s check out the item HERE.

If you’re wondering where I found any of the materials for these sets, you can find a list of materials HERE.  Just scroll down past the items for Back To School Morning Work and you’ll find the list for October.

1.Trace And Cut The Lines Sheets

Morning Work Activities - October - Trace and Cut


2.Tracing Cards

3.Cutting Straws And Making Patterned Necklaces

4.Measuring  With Links

5.Using Links To Link Letters In Your Name (Or Words)

6.Use Links To Link Numbers In Order

7.Use Links To Link Together Letters In Order

8.Using Hole Punches To Represent A Number (1-20)

9.Using Dough To Make Pumpkin Or Monster Faces.

10.Use Dough To Make Numbers On Ten Frames (with or without picture cues)

11.Use Push Pins To Follow The Dotted Lines Of A Halloween Picture

12.Rescue The Aliens From Therapy Putty

13.Find The Hidden Google Eyes in Therapy Putty And Sort Google Eyes By Color

14.Find The Hidden Eyes in Therapy Putty, Sort And Count

15.  Fill Your Pumpkin – Roll and Fill Game With Tongs

16.Pumpkin Self-Correcting Ten Frames (Use with ice cube tray or use included mats if you need)

17.Catching Flies Counting Game (Use with foam webs or the included printable web playing mat) Grab this for free! 

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18.Google Eye Grab and Spin Number Recognition

19.Webmaster Game

20.Poison Spiders Number Recognition

21.Sticker Picture

22.Gel Bead Sort (Use with or without a light table)

23.Gel Bead Roll and Win

24.Lego Masterpieces (Including challenge mats for a Bat, Ghost and Jack-o-Latern)

25.Letter Construction (Using Halloween colored transparent classes or Letter Construction pieces from Learning Resources)

26.Sensory Bin Number Match

27.Jack-O-Lantern Count And Record With Tweezers

28.Ghost Containers Sort, Add and Record

29.Climbing Spiders Game

I saw this game on a Resourceful Momma knew my students would love it, but I needed to make it a bit more challenging.  So, I added various dates based on their readiness to make it more engaging.

30.Pumpkin Sounds/Letters Match-Up

31.Self-Correcting Counting Cards (Spiders and Googly Eyes)

32.Spooky Spider Patterns

That’s everything you’ll see in this months set.  Of course, I want you to be able to try an activity or two, so I’ve updated two freebies and added the ‘I Can’ sheets so you can test them out.  Just complete the form below . . .  Or check out the entire set HERE.

These fine motor morning work station ideas are just the thing to engage your students and create a classroom of enthusiastic learners.  Fine motor bins provide you with a month of hands-on activities that will keep your kindergarten students on task and loving their morning rotations.  Morning work is a great alternative to worksheets.  Familiar activities build from month to month and skills gradually expand.  Students love the fall themes of October--spiders, bats, pumpkins and cute monsters.

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