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MONSTERously Fun Bulletin Board

If you have a hallway bulletin board you can decorate, count your blessings. My own kindergarten experience is without a bulletin board to decorate and it means I have to work some magic to create a place to display student work on a wall.   It’s such a pain.  But after years of struggling with it, I finally have a pretty good arsenal of ideas and tools to keep that part of my hallway, bright and inviting.   Check out this MONSTERously good idea to get the job done. (Yes, I know MONSTERously is actually MONSTROUSLY but it’s a play on words . . . you’ll see.)

And here’s the best part . . . it was easy and cheap!

What You’re Going To Need:

Your materials list for this one isn’t going to be very long.

The Monsters

For this one, the goal was to keep it pretty easy and simple. If you are using this as a Back To School craft or even for Halloween, your students might not be ready for something too complex.  These monsters are easy-peasy.

Just print out the different heads and facial pieces, cut them out, and glue them together. My students used the scrap pieces to embellish their monsters and make them unique.

I love that the simplicity of these monsters made my students feel so confident and successful.

The Bulletin Board Sign

For the bulletin board sign, just select 5 of your favorite Astrobrings colors and get ready to print and cut. I don’t have a bulletin board in my hallway. I have a long wall.  So I just use command hooks and twine and then hang my letters with mini clothespins.

There are a couple of different options you have for your message:

  • Kindergarten Is Monsterously Fun!!
  • Pre-K is Monsterously Fun!!
  • First Grade is Monsterously Fun!!
  • School Is Monsterously Fun!!

This display was such a huge hit last week at conferences. I hope your students and visitors to your hall enjoy these little monsters as much as mine did.  If you’d like to grab these bulletin board letters and craft template for yourself, just click on the line HERE to grab it up.

Marsha Moffit McGuire

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