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Editable Color By Sight Word Mystery Pictures and a FREEBIE

It never fails to amaze me just how much my kinders LOVE to color.  The simple question, “can we color this when we’re done?’ It always warms my heart, because it tells me, no matter how hard we work at reading and writing and math or no matter how much they enjoy all things techie, they haven’t lost the love of simply coloring.

Of course, it’s hard to fit coloring into a busy kindergarten day filled with standards and expectations to be met, so one way I balance it, is by offering coloring pages that address the skills we need to practice plus allow for a bit of creative fun.  While it is definitely NOT an open-ended art project, it does seem to satisfy their desire to ‘color.’  So I’m always happy to offer them these activities as part of their sight word and word work choices during Daily 5.

And because I know that my sight word list may not be the same as your sight word list, when I create these activities, I try to make all of them editable.  This way you can add your own words — the words YOUR students need to practice.

Color by sight words printables are a great resource when they are editable.  It makes no sense for you to practice words that aren’t the ones you need to practice.  That’s why ALL the pages in these monthly sets editable.  You enter the words next to the crayons and they are automatically populated.  There are so many pages to choose from so that you can even offer differentiated sheets for your students based on their own personal word lists if needed.

And to really challenge my students, I also have Mystery Picture Color by Sight Words. All the pictures in these sets are also editable.  The mystery of not knowing what they will end up when they are done coloring makes it that much more engaging.  This is the freebie I am sharing with you at the end of this post.

And they’re just plain fun.

If you’d like to learn more about editable letter, sight words and mystery pages, go ahead and click on the pictures below to learn more.

And yes, they come in a monthly bundle as well . . . in case you’re wondering.  If you prefer to purchase these from my TpT Store, just click HERE.

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