Organize A Year of Editable Positive Notes with Color

Home-School communication is KEY in our classrooms.  My own classroom doesn’t start with report cards for our kindergarten friends until after the first of the year.  Because of that, I try to make it a point to send off a quick, positive note each month to my parents just to give them a little insight on their child’s progress.

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Free Monthly Themed, Editable Positive Notes Home

I always have good intentions of sending a note off for each of my students every month, but, quite honestly, I can never remember which students I’ve sent to and I’m horrible about keeping track on any kind of record-keeping device.  However, I came up with a great idea to solve this problem using Astrobrights and their amazing array of colored cardstock and papers.


Each month I have a different themed note card . . . one that is personalized with each students’ name. And I print each month on a different colored Astrobrights cardstock.  Not only does the beautiful colors make the notes appealing and fun, but the color helps with organizing and keeping track of which notes I have already sent and which ones I still need to complete.

Free Monthly Themed, Editable Positive Notes Home


I keep all of my notes in a little tin like the one below.  I found mine at Target.

Free Monthly Themed, Editable Positive Notes Home

It is super easy to see all the separate months when they are in the canister.  So for instance, in September I printed my cards on Terrestrial Teal™ cardstock.  When I took a look in my canister in late September, I could see that I still had a few Terrestrial Teal™ colored cards still in there.

Free Monthly Themed, Editable Positive Notes Home

When I pulled them out, there were the names of the student who I still had left to complete.

Free Monthly Themed, Editable Positive Notes Home

The color made distinguishing each month a breeze and personalizing each card meant I didn’t have to keep a log of who had been sent a card and who had not.  I knew that as long as there weren’t any cards left in that month’s color, I had made all my communication notes for that month.  It’s SO easy!

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