Learning Resources Constructing Words Giveaway!

There is nothing better than finding a product that gets your students engaged and excited for learning.  Learning Resources helps you put a little fun in your word work centers with their new Word Construction. 
My kinder friends loved this nuts and bolts approach to making new words.  
The kit  comes with 6 plastic bolts for building words and 30 printed nuts.
The nuts have several letters printed on them (Green nuts have vowels!) so that they can make more and more words simply by turning the nuts.  
The pieces are very easy for even small hands to manipulate.  Simply place the nut on the bolt, turn it until it catches the groove and slide it into place.  I like the fact that you can differentiate by having some students use three bolts and others use four based on their level of readiness.
After having them play and explore with the nuts and bolts for a bit, I handed students a sheet of paper to see how many ‘real’ words they could make.  It became a fun competition to see if they could make more and more words each time they came to this station.  (I love the fact that it also helped them with real and nonsense word distinction.)
If you would like to learn more about this great little tool, please click on any of the pictures above to take you to Learning Resources website.  
Or better yet, why not win one!  Learning Resources has been nice enough to allow me to give a set to one of you.  All you have to do is enter below.  So, what are you waiting for?  Enter before Wednesday at Midnight and you could be the winner.

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Don’t wait any longer, enter today and get yours.  I promise!  Your kiddos are going to love it.

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