Mass Chaos . . .

It seems like a month since my last post, but I promise, I’ve been busy.  There was the TpT sale.  (Man, did I get some great stuff.) And with a great sale comes . . . printing, laminating and cutting.  Man you don’t know how much I hope there is some great parent amongst my kinder families this fall that is interested in helping out with some cutting.

And I’ve finally, after several bouts of sick kids and repairmen, have gotten the chance to get into my room.  It’s not pretty though . . .

I have a couple of new book shelves coming and so I’m feeling the need to purge and simplify my life in anticipation of Daily 5 and differentiated instruction. 
There is sooooo much paperwork that we teachers accumulate.  But with way things are today, I don’t need file cabinets full of ideas and paper.  This is the digital word.  We can keep a digital file cabinet right on pinterest for ideas and teaching resources and a flash drive of all our materials.
So with that in mind . . .  I’m pitching stuff. It’s ugly now, but I am all about showing you the truth.  I have 12 days before teachers report to work and kids show up on September 4th.  Do you think I’ll be ready? 
You might want to say a prayer for me.  I think I’m gonna need it.

Marsha Moffit McGuire

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