Back To School Hide and Seek – August Letter Edition
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Back To School Hide and Seek
Letter Recognition

If you would like to consider using this product throughout the year, there is a Year Long Hide and Seek Letters Edition bundle available at a 25% saving.

Hide and Seek games have been a standard part of both my Math and ELA stations for as long as I can remember. They are highly engaging, easily differentiated, can be adapted to many skills and my students NEVER get tired of them. Once your students learn this game, it will quickly become a favorite, independent activity that reinforces essential skills.

If you’d like to see how I use this product in my classroom, check out my blog post: Throw Away Those Paper/Pencil Assessments!.

Because I realize that teachers can be ‘color printer challenged,’ I have included a black and white version of all the playing pieces in this pack to help defray the cost of printing.
Included in this packet:
Capital Letter Cards In Color
Capital Letter Cards In Black and White
Lowercase Letter Cards In Color
Lowercase Letter Cards in Black and White
Game banner and hiding piece in color
Game banner and hiding piece in black and white

To play:
This activity can be played on a table top, in a small pocket chart like the ones you find at the Dollar Spot at Target or in a larger, traditional-sized pocket chart if you are using many numbers. Place a set of cards in the pocket chart. One student takes the small hiding piece (or pieces if you choose to use more than one playing card) and places it behind one of the letter cards while the other students turn their backs and hide their eyes. Once the card is hidden, students can then turn back and take turns indicating which card they believe the playing piece is hidden behind by reading the letter (or sound). It is not enough just to point, they must read the card. If they find the hiding piece behind the card they identified, they get to hide it next. If they guess incorrectly, it becomes someone else’s turn.

To differentiate this activity, limit or expand the cards offered. You may offer just letters in their name, capital letters, lowercase, or a mixture of them. I like to store my cards in color coded pencil cases. Students choose the pencil case that relates to their tiered ‘color.’ So some of my students may work with only the letters in their name, others may be working on all capitals or lowercase.

If you would like to see this product for NUMBERS as a year long bundle, check out a 25% savings with the Year Long Hide and Seek Numbers Edition.

I hope you enjoy this game. If you have any questions, suggestions or requests, please feel free to contact me directly at


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