Diphthong Word Recognition and Fluency Yatta – In color and black/white
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This activity will help your students with Diphthong word recognition and fluency and is available to print in color or SAVE INK and print in Black and White. Play it once and it easily becomes one of your students’ favorite, independent stations.

If you’d like to see a video of YATTA in action, check out THIS BLOG POST.

In this packet, you will find 2 different versions of this Yatta game for extended play. On the 2 different playing mats, various Diphthong pictures are scattered. The object of the game is to quickly and quietly read the playing card and then locate the playing card’s picture match on the mat.

This game is appropriate for no more than four students per playing mat. Students sit one student to each side. There is no ‘right’ side to the mat. It can be set out in any direction. Cards and the mat are laminated and cards are cut apart and stacked face down. I like to review the pictures on the mat one time with the students before playing so they know what each picture represents. Place the stack of cards face down in a centrally visible location. You can either have students take turns turning over the playing cards or have a card turner. When the card is turned over, students quickly identify the word (I remind them to do this quietly so another player doesn’t ‘steal’ the word from them.) and then locate that same picture on the playing mat. The first person to point to the correct picture and say “Yatta” (pronounced yacht-ta), gets to keep the card. When all the cards have been played, students count up all their cards to see who has the most. That person gets to be the card turner next. You can extend play and differentiate by using the three sets in any combination to meet your students’ readiness levels. To differentiate even more, you may want to consider the other Yatta games available for phonics and math skills in my TpT store.

This product is available in color or black and white. If printing in black and white you can color the pictures on the playing mat yourself or leave them as is. If using this activity with other versions in black and white, I would suggest that for the playing cards, you print them on different colored card stock for easy organization of differentiated materials.


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