Kindergarten Common Core ELA Pacing Guide Checklist-Editable
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Within this packet you will find the ELA Common Core Assessment checklist packet which is used in my own classroom. Part of differentiated instruction is the need for on-going assessment to drive instruction. By using this checklist, I can easily determine students’ readiness levels and tier my instruction in response to their learning needs. I have paced out the year in four quarters to help me keep on task and make sure I cover all my Common Core areas. There is an editable paced version (be sure your system supports powerpoint) included here in color and black and white as well as a version that simply lays out all the standards by category (also in color and black and white). Because it is editable, you can use your insert text feature to add the names of your students AND NOW CHANGE AND RE-ARRANGE STANDARDS IF YOU NEED. For those not so techie or wanting just a simple fill in the student name, there is also a simple pdf version if you prefer that. As you observe students mastering standards, you can simply place a check next to their name or the date, whichever you prefer. At any given time, you will know exactly how a student or your class is pacing.

Don’t forget the Math companion piece to this product:
Math Pacing Guide/Editable Checklist for Common Core License number: 1212178427


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