Spanish Immersion Back To School Math Stations
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Spanish Immersion Version of my BEST SELLING Back To School Math Stations Galore.

By special request, these math stations have been translated to accommodate numerous requests for a Spanish Immersion version. I am happy to have this opportunity to provide quality Math Stations for more students.

For details on these activities, you can see them being used at:
Differentiated Math Stations and Getting Them Started

While teacher notes and instructions are written in English, all student instructional cards, printable instructions and games are in Spanish to meet your classroom needs.

These stations are designed to help acquaint your Spanish Immersion students with many familiarly structured activities found in my Math Station Galore packs. Please visit my blog post, Setting Up Math Stations, for more details of setting up and maintaining math stations.

Included in this set:
Station 1: Write The Room For School Supplies – This activity is differentiated to appeal to your kinesthetic learners.
Station 2: Lost My Lunch – This is a number recognition activity. It can be tiered for numbers up to 30. You can use all or only a small number of these numbers to differentiate your instruction based on the readiness of your students.
Station 3: Class Dismissed – Number Recognition
Station 4: School Supply Memory
Station 5: Welcome Back To School Play-doh Number Mats –
Station 6: Counting on My Friends – Students draw a number and write it on the apple on their recording sheet. Then they write the numbers that come after.
Station 7: Best Friends – This game is played like your traditional (WAR Card Game).
Station 8: Count and Color School Supplies-Counting and recording numbers.
Station 9: Sensory Table School Supply Sort – This activity is meant to engage your learners who are kinesthetic, but it can also appeal to almost any student depending on what you put in your sensory table.
Station 10: I spy activities are a huge part of my classroom so this station will be used to help students explore using magnifying glasses and become acquainted with working with I-Spy activities.
Station 11: Linking Backpacks – This is a great fine motor activity for students and reinforces number order.
Station 12: Back To School Patterns – Self-correcting and independent.

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