Time For A Back To School Sale

Even though I don’t head back to school for over a month (I know, I know . . . you’ll be laughing at me at the end of next June when I’m still sweating it out in class.), I do get that so many people are already heading back and NEED stuff.  So in order to scratch that Back To School shopping itch, I’m throwing a sale on everything in my store.


That’s right, everything is marked down 20% so you can get everything you need and then some.  You can even scoop up my latest Back To School Write The Room For Math BIG Bundle.  It has EVERYTHING.  If you purchased these products individually, it would be $14.50.  But with the bundle, you save over 30% , and with the sale, this bundle is only $8.00


Or grab a couple of the individual sets from the bundle a la carte.

I’ve made a ton of Write the Room activities in the past, but I really wanted these Write The Room packs to have everything for you.  They are all differentiated and aligned to meet the needs of all your students. That’s right! I understand how difficult it can be to find one product that fits all your students, but these packets do just that. I wanted to make it fun for students, but super easy for teachers at the same time. So the differentiating is done for you. I have even included a suggested tiered lesson plan layout for you to consider using.

These packets also come with both color and BLACK/WHITE printing options, because, let’s face it, not everyone has a color printer cartridge tree in their back yard and sometimes you just want to print on colored card stock.














Head over to my store to see all my latest products.

And Happy Shopping!



Marsha Moffit McGuire

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