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Edit It-Make It Your Own Spring Sight Word Freebie

It’s not often these days that you’ll find me ‘shopping’ in the traditional sense.  I mean, I’m usually on a mad dash to put exactly what I need in my cart and get out of a store in time to get back home or the hospital.  But I just happened to be flying through Walmart last week and these cute little chalkboards were screaming at me to notice them . . . ‘Hey, look over here!  Wouldn’t we make a sweet little sight word center?’

spring sight word freebie

Yep.  They would!  They are thematic for spring, colorful and something different.  We all know how novelty fuels engagement in kindergarten.  Just a little bit of something different can make some,otherwise boring sight word stations turn into something quite extraordinary.

spring sight word freebie


The problem is my sight word list doesn’t match your sight word list.  And Johnny’s sight word list doesn’t match Suzy’s.  So what I really needed to do was make up an editable activity that could be easily differentiated so that is was ‘perfect’ for everyone . . . even those teachers without colored printers.

So here’s what I have for you, there are three different graphics that match the cute little chalk boards.  Do you have to have these chalk boards to use the cards?  No, of course not.  They just make it a bit more fun to practice sight words.  Use a regular chalk board, colored markers, or magnets to practice ‘writing’ words.  Whatever you have is fine.

spring sight word freebie

If you don’t have a colored printer, no worries.  There is a black and white version too.

spring sight word freebie

All you have to do is open the PDF in Adobe Reader and go in and enter the words you would like to have your students practice.  Make as many or as few cards as you chose.  Each graphic can represent a different list for differentiating.  Or, print the black and white version on colored cardstock, I always use Astrobrights because the colors are fabulous, for easy organization and differentiating by color.

spring sight word freebie

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