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Number Wall Chart

Several years ago, I created and shared a 100 count Number Wall Chart because my district had adopted a new math curriculum in our school. That curriculum required that we post one that was vertical. I didn’t like the one offered with the series, so I created one that I could make and print off myself. I offered this chart as a free item for my readers, but I have sense gotten many new requests for other Number Wall Charts.

Immediately after I posted this one, my First Grade readers requested one that would go to 120. So I created one.

Then I had one that requested I make a horizontal one, too. So now I offer both a horizontal and a vertical 120 Number Wall Chart free for my readers.

I do have to give a little shout out to my teacher friend, Amanda Heer who has allowed me to use her pictures here to show you what the horizontal chart might look like if you choose to print that one.

These charts are super easy to print and put together. Just grab your favorite Astrobrights cardstock, print them out, and post them where your students can easily see them.

You all loved her calendar/ number chart area so much, but now you wanted to know where she got her 10 frame for counting how many days you’ve been in school. The ones shown in the picture are NOT from me, but I do use something similar. So now, not only do I have a 120 chart in both vertical and horizontal options, but I also have a set of ten frames, the ones I use in my own room for counting how many days we have been in school.

So, if you’d like the vertical version of my number chart, download HERE or click on the picture below.

If you prefer the horizontal option, click HERE or on Amanda’s picture below.

And if you’d like a copy of How Many Days Have We Been In School ten frames that I use in my classroom, you can grab it HERE or click on the picture below. I add a sticker for each day that we are in school.

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