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A Differentiated Kindergarten Bright Idea and a Blog Hop!

The most valuable tips that I collect are the ones that help me make my students more independent.  So today, while I join in on this amazing Bright Ideas Blog Hop, I want to show you one of my oldest, tried and true ways of creating independence when my students use technology.
It all begins with three little bottles of nail polish.  Now I’m not quite sure that I would use these colors on my nails ever, but for the purpose of identifying buttons as GREEN-Go
RED-Stop (or Don’t)
these are perfect shades of nail polish.  Bright and durable enough to last.
It all started when a needed a way to get my kinders to efficiently use their personal CD players for ‘Listen to Reading’ during Daily 5.  They just didn’t get the arrow buttons on the player.  I needed something that would be bright enough to stand out on the play case and that wouldn’t rub off after they had been touched a couple of hundred times.  FINGER NAIL POLISH.  So perfectly perfect!
No more, “I can’t get it to work” or “I don’t know how” or more importantly, no more jammed buttons from little fingers that think ‘if I push harder, it will work.’  This little system worked like a charm.
And you know what else?  It work on computers too.  I use it on my classroom mouse.  No more “Mrs. McGuire, something’s wrong with the computer.”  The know that they need to click on the side with the green button.  It works on keyboards too!  So grab yourself some cheap nail polish (these were about $2.00 each) and get painting.  You’ll be surprise at how independent your kiddos will get and how many interruptions you’ll be able to avoid.  

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